To foster research and innovation at highest international level, the french government has launched the program "Investissements d'Avenir". As part of the former, the program "Laboratoires d'Excellence" is assigned 1 billion Euros in capital, for a 10 years period. The CominLabs are an initiative selected as part of the "Laboratoires d'Excellence" program by the French ministry of research and education. It has been assigned 40 Million Euros in capital, resulting in an effective annual funding of 1.4 Million Euros for a 10 year period. The CominLabs has been the only Laboratoire d'Excellence selected in the area of software sciences. The CominLabs federate the best teams from Bretagne and Nantes regions in the broad area of telecommunications, from electronic devices to wide area distributed applications "over the top". The scope of CominLabs covers research, education, and innovation. While being hosted by academic institutions, the CominLabs build on a strong industrial ecosystem made of large companies and competitive SMEs.






In the short term, CominLabs will launch the following concrete actions for education and training:

  1. International mobility of students;
  2. Chairs of excellence delivering high-level courses;
  3. International summer school;
  4. Establishment of a training resource center using the CominWeb/CominTogether platform.

On a longer term, a new curriculum devoted to the segment adressed by the CominLabs will be proposed



LookinLabs is the first advanced service of CominWeb. You can query LookinLabs in two ways.

Searching for competencies in CominLabs is achieved by submitting, as a query, a description of the kind of competence you are looking for. Description can be either a list of keywords, the abstract or the introduction of an article, or simply any text describing the area of interest. The tool returns an ordered list of researchers and you can visit their publications and similar researchers of CominLabs.

You can also search for publications relevant to a topic entered as a query. The description of the topic follows the same principles. You can find a guideline of how to use this service here.



CominWeb is, first, a platform that supports the public Web site of CominLabs. It displays the activities and results of CominLabs. CominWeb is also CominLabs’ collaborative platform, offering usual services such as document warehouses, wikis, forums, etc., for CominLabs projects.

CominWeb also offers advanced services to both its members and external users. These services obey the following principle: ask information once and then exploit it maximally using big data techniques. We have asked CominLabs researchers to provide their “bibliographical ID” (url of biblio link(s)). Having this we have constructed a CominLabs document warehouse that we keep updating. Thanks to big data techniques we can offer a number of services, of which “LookinLabs” below exposes the first instance.